3 Reasons to get Smart Garage Technology

Summer brings busier schedules, more guests, and a whole lot of fun. But it can also mean added stress – especially when it comes to managing everyone coming in and out of your home.

Integrating smart technology into your garage door system can enhance security, convenience, and peace of mind.

Here are 3 reasons why a smart upgrade is the perfect summer solution for your home.

Convenience for Family & Guests

Leaving a spare key under a doormat is a security nightmare waiting to happen. Giving every visitor their own key isn’t an ideal solution either.

You can control your garage door from your phone with the myQ app. Allow your kids, babysitter, and other recurring guests to come and go without having to print off multiple keys or program dozens of remotes. Either let them in yourself or have them download the app.

For one-time or temporary guests, you can grant access for the designated timeframe and revoke it when they’re done.

Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Summer is prime vacation time, but leaving your home unattended can be a concern. Smart garage door openers offer peace of mind with real-time notifications letting you know when the door is opened or closed. Some systems even include integrated cameras, allowing you to check in on your garage and surrounding areas from anywhere.

If a package arrives while you’re gone, you don’t have to stress over it being stolen or sitting outside in the elements. myQ and Amazon offer In-Garage Delivery with a variety of convenient settings and options.

Easy Installation with Your Existing System

The beauty of smart garage technology is that it often integrates seamlessly with your existing garage door system. You might already have a garage door opener that’s compatible with the myQ app. Check your compatibility here.

Bilt Rite is the Midland’s authorized LiftMaster dealer, meaning our trained technicians can help you find a system that’s compatible and install it for you.

The myQ app can also check diagnostics and alert you if something is broken. It will evaluate if it’s an easy fix you can do yourself or whether you need to contact a dealer. If you add Bilt Rite as your dealer in the app, you can quickly connect with us and share the report.

Don’t let managing your garage door put a damper on your summer fun. Contact Bilt Rite to see which LiftMaster and myQ smart system is right for you.