Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors

Bilt Rite Commercial Garage Doors
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Get the Perfect Garage Door for Your Business

If you have a commercial fleet, you understand how important it is to maintain a vehicle. Keeping your trucks or vans in prime condition means fewer chances of breaking down. That lets you deliver goods and services on time, meaning fleet up keep helps build consumer trust.

The same mentality extends to your garage. Entering and exiting through your garage doors should be a simple act. But, when equipment ages, it can lead to delays or even accidents, which may compromise your customer service.

At Bilt Rite Garage Doors, we know how vital garage door remodels can be to a business. We have a team that specializes in installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing commercial garage doors.

Upgrade Your Space

Do your current garage doors meet all your business needs? Though models share similarities, they're not one-size-fits-all. For example, do you want the doors to function as windows when down? Or, do you want to prevent passersby from seeing valuable inventory inside the building? Bilt Rite Garage Doors offers a variety of doors and upfits to suit a range of businesses:

  • Restaurants
  • Repair shops
  • Warehouses

No matter what you need from a garage door, we can help you find or even create a model that meets your standards.

Remodels and Replacement Doors

Keep Your Doors in Top Shape

Once installed, your doors must receive regular maintenance. Examination and maintenance by experts let you spot problems early or even avoid them altogether. Taking care of small issues along with regular maintenance can end up saving you time and money.

If your garage doors or upfit break, Bilt Rite Garage Doors is here to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our experts have experience in identifying problems, which means less time diagnosing and more time fixing.

Make a Great Impression

If your garage doors face the street, you have an excellent opportunity to impress potential customers. If you have a restaurant or bar, eye-level windows can be the perfect way to entice pedestrians to come in and stay awhile. Even if you don't serve consumers directly, a visually pleasing door can bolster a positive opinion of your space.

Get Your New Garage Door Today

Bilt Rite Garage Doors is proud to deliver the very best service and equipment to our customers. To find out more, you can contact us online or give us a call at (803) 349-3198 for our Columbia location.