Could you add a Garage to a Finished Home?

Have you considered adding on to your home? There have not been enough homes for sale in today’s real estate market to meet buyer demand. This makes finding a new home much more difficult, and you may decide to add on to your current home and maximize its potential. Adding a garage is often an affordable way to get extra space, and it may increase your home’s value, offsetting the cost of installing it in the first place.

If your home currently has no garage, or you wish to add another, you can add a garage to an already finished property if the space is available. A garage addition may also cost less than other home improvement projects that can increase your resale value. We will explore considerations to adding a garage to your home and the benefits of the new space.

Attached versus Detached Garage

There are two types of garages, attached and detached. Attached garages are connected to your existing home, with a doorway for entry. Detached garages are separate from your home. These garages can be close to your home or further away, depending on the available space on your property. Space is one of the most significant factors in adding a garage to your property, no matter what type of garage you choose. A detached garage will likely cost more because you’ll be constructing a new garage building. However, it is a safer option for car storage because there’s a lower chance that carbon monoxide can get into your home. Since you are adding a new structure, there are also more possibilities that this space can offer, with more added home value.

The Many Functions of a Garage

If you’ve decided to add a garage to your property, you may have more than one reason for choosing the project. While protection for your car from the elements and extreme weather is more than enough of a reason to add a garage to your home, adding a garage to your home can also come with other benefits. A garage is a great storage option for items that you may not have room for in your home. Additionally, if you need a place to store your woodworking or crafting tools, a garage is an excellent solution. It can also serve as a workshop, depending on the amount of available space. Lastly, you may also want an area to store recreational vehicles such as boats, ATVs, and golf carts, and a detached garage is an excellent option for this purpose.

What to Consider When Adding a Garage

There are several things to consider when planning your garage addition. First, do you have any zoning or homeowner association restrictions? Some examples of restrictions include the percentage of land that buildings can cover, the distance between buildings and the property line, or access to the street. Another item to consider is if you’d like to include a finished room over the garage, as this can often increase the overall value of your home. You’ll also want to select the right garage size. The recommended size for a two-car garage is 24 by 24 square feet, giving space for parking two cars with room to walk around them. Don’t get overwhelmed by the details because the Bilt Rite Garage Doors experts can come to your home, examine available space, and help you choose the best garage doors for your needs.

Garage Door Installation by Bilt Rite

Bilt Rite is here to help you with all your garage door installation needs. Whether you’ve decided to go with an attached garage to extend the overall space of your home or have decided that a detached garage is a better option for your home, we offer a variety of garage door options to help your home look its best. The best garage doors are both functional and attractive. Bilt Rite can help you pick the right aesthetic. Our skilled technicians will install your garage door efficiently and effectively, ensuring that it’s properly and safely installed. To learn more about our garage door installation and repair services call Bilt Rite today.