Meet our office pet — Maggie!

Sometimes you find family in unexpected places! Last week, our warehouse manager, Courtney, found a puppy limping on the side of the road. When Courtney brought the dog back to the office, we could see she was in terrible condition and close to death. Soaking wet, starved, and clearly sporting a broken leg, she needed help fast.

Our assistant warehouse manager, Nick, rushed her to the vet, prepared to pay any cost to save her. There, they found multiple claw marks on her face from a presumable animal attack. She was shaven, bathed twice, given an IV, and put into a cast. After treating her, Nick fell in love and knew that she was supposed to be his dog. So, she was swiftly adopted and brought to the Bilt Rite office. We wanted to give her a name that meant something. When we found her, she was covered in maggots. Although a bit somber, we wanted to pay homage to how she first arrived to us.

So meet Maggie, the new office mascot! She is a 6-month-old Shih Tzu with bounds of energy and a contagious smile. We are excited to welcome Maggie into the Bilt Rite family, and we are so ready to watch her heal with us. The vet says she will only have to wear her cast until the middle of July, and she is expected to make a full recovery.

For now, the broken leg has not slowed Maggie down. She quickly hobbles around the office looking for intriguing new things and free pets. Her interests include running at people full speed, taking naps in her playpen, and eating whipped cream from peach milkshakes. Maggie is very content in her loving home and her even more loving office. There’s nowhere she’d rather be than a workspace where dozens of people adore her. So, we have no problem bringing her to the office every day and making her part of our routine.