Spring Cleaning – Garage Edition

Spring is FINALLY here! The birds are back, the days are longer, and the nice South Carolina weather makes you just want to get out and … clean, right?! Whether your garage is where you park your car, store your tools, hang out with your friends, or even where you exercise, it should be organized and clean! It happens over time, while you do not even realize it. A few things go in because you have nowhere else to put them, something gets stored for a future project, or a half-finished DIY gets left. Cleaning your garage can seem intimidating, but we’re here to help! So, the big question here is, where do you even start?!


Before starting this project, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you MAY need; there are no unexpected trips to the store or scouring your house for supplies when you’re halfway through.

  • Gloves
  •  55-Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags
  •  Step Stool
  •  Broom (or Push Broom)
  •  Shop Vacuum
  •  Feather Duster

If you have a lot of clutter that you need to organize, looking into garage storage ideas may help. Shelves, cabinets, and pegboards work wonderfully for a garage and are easy to install when your garage is empty!


You will need to take everything (yes, everything) that is not nailed or screwed down OUT of your garage. This will make it easier for you to clean your garage and determine what is worth keeping or discarding.

We will group the stuff coming out of the garage into categories:

  •  Keep
  •  Donate
  •  Recycle
  •  Sell
  •  Toss

While going through these items, ask yourself whether you have used them recently, and if not, why? For all the items you plan to keep, make sure you have a designated spot for them in your garage. For all the things you aren’t saving, make sure you have a plan to get them where they need to go so they don’t end up back in your garage.

Now that your garage is empty and you have the things you are planning to keep, it’s time to clean. Sweep or hose down the floors to ensure you are getting all the dirt and dust out of there, and don’t forget about the walls and corners! Wipe down any shelves or flat surfaces.

As you bring back all your “keep” items, make sure you are practically organizing them. Such as:

  •  Put seasonal items up high; keep what you use most often in more accessible places
  •  Put low-level storage shelves with drawers or baskets for the kids so they can grab their things like sports equipment or toys
  •  Use plastic storage bins to protect stored items
  •  Keep a designated “donations” box so you can continuously add to it

As you put them back in their place, make sure you clean or dust the items that need it. Once you have done a MAJOR Spring cleaning like this one, plan to do mini cleaning throughout the year to avoid doing this yearly!

Spring cleaning your garage is also an excellent time to inspect for rust, warping, and other age-related issues. If you notice your garage needs maintenance or repair, contact Bilt Rite to schedule an appointment!