When to DIY and When to Call the Pros

At Bilt Rite, we don’t want to charge you for things that you can fix yourself. Likewise, we don’t want you to risk damaging your garage door or injuring yourself. Here are some repairs you can complete yourself and some you should leave to the professionals.


Go for it: DIY Repairs

Noisy Garage Door
If your garage door is squeaking or screeching, don’t panic. Usually, the only thing it needs is lubricated hinges. There are non-silicone-based lubricants made specifically for garage doors, such as WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease. It only takes a few seconds to thoroughly spray your hinges and significantly reduce the noise.

Even when your garage door isn’t noisy, it’s a good idea to spray your hinges every six months to keep it running smoothly.

Garage Door Sensor
If you press your garage door button, and the door won’t close or only closes by holding the button down until the door is fully shut, the safety sensor is probably out of alignment. Another sign of sensor misalignment is when your door only closes a few inches before it reverses, and the light on your garage door opener blinks.

On the inside of your garage, near the ground, you have a sensor on both sides of your door. Make sure nothing is obstructing the path between the two sensors and that they are clean.

One should be green, and the other should be amber. If this is not the case, they are not lined up properly. You can adjust the sensor until it lights up and tighten the knob on the box to hold it in place.

Power Surge
During a storm, your garage door is susceptible to power surges.

When this happens, first check your fuse box. Make sure your breaker circuits aren’t tripped.

If it still does not work, find your GFI button and hit the red reset button.

If you need to open your garage door manually, pull the red emergency release cord on the opener. Then, carefully lift your door.


Leave it to Bilt Rite

Broken Springs
If you try to open your garage door, and it only goes up a few inches before coming back down, it’s likely a broken spring.

Springs are under very high tension. When they are cut, they snap back at dangerous speeds that can seriously injure you. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and all that weight is supported by the springs. If the door is not in the right position, it could hurt you or break.

Garage door technicians have the tools and experience to make sure spring replacement is done carefully and securely.

Broken Motor
A broken motor is a job for a garage door professional. Not only does it involve moving heavy parts and working in high places, but it sometimes requires reprogramming buttons and remotes.

If your motor is making strange noises or only works intermittently, it needs to be repaired or even replaced. Garage door motors usually need to be replaced after 15 years. When that time comes, it’s best to have an experienced technician do it.

We’re Here to Help
Ultimately, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t feel comfortable performing maintenance on your door, Bilt Rite is here to help you. If you are down for DIY, we hope this saves you time and money on repairs.